Skin Food – Cleansing Body Bar


Skin Food’s Cleansing Body Bar is a lightly fragranced bar of soap that contains manuka honey, avocado oil and lime. It comes in a nicely contained cardboard box (that can be recycled) and is 80grams in size – a long-lasting size that easily fits in the palm of your hand.

The bar can be used for simple hand washing, bath washing or in the shower. As it comes in a rectangular prism shape it is less likely to slip out of your hand and fits nicely into a soap dish.

I love using soap as it is less packaging left over after it has finished, less waste as you can’t squirt excess out accidentally and it seems to last that little bit longer.

The Skin Food’s Cleansing Body Bar cleans well and leaves a lovely smell but I did find my skin feeling too ‘squeaky’ after. I find this happens when soaps do not contain enough moisturizer. I used it predominately in the shower and perhaps as an all over body bar, this is not the bar for me. My skin did not dry out but I did feel a need to moisturize after my shower as the soap did have a drying feeling after cleaning. The soap may be more suited to being a hand washing soap rather than an overall bar to minimise the drying effect.

Overall, the soap did clean but I did feel like if it used it too often or without immediate moisturizing my skin could dry out. It would be great to see some extra moisture in the bar for future use!

RRP $2.89 NZD


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