Naked Truth Addict – ‘Indulge Me’ Spice Chai Latte Milk Chocolate


If you’re a chocoholic like me then any chocolate is usually a good reason to indulge but the name of this flavour ‘Indulge Me’ means you’ll need no further encouragement and it is just crying out to be eaten.

This company’s webpage claims ‘Our sweet creations have originated from our wildest imaginations and have been crafted with the use of premium ingredients and extravagant inclusions.’ If you check out all the other types of chocolate they offer then this is indeed true. Names like Trust Me, Ground Me, Turn Up the Heat, Get Lost, Get Naked, Smother Your Mother-in-Law With Love and Movie Night are sure to inspire you and invite you to take a closer look and they have certainly thought outside the box to create some very unique flavour combinations. Ingredients like quinoa, fig, blueberry, goji berries, balsamic, etc are certainly not your standard chocolate fair and if you’re looking for some new flavours to excite your taste buds then this company has plenty to offer.

The clear packaging lets you see exactly what you’re getting and while the size of the block might seem a little on the dear side for everyday use compared to some other brands the more exotic ingredients and their claim to use natural flavours justifies a little of that dearer price. Plus Coles recently had this brand on special so if you choose to wait you’re sure to pick it up a little cheaper from time to time.

I’m not a coffee drinker; much prefer a good cup of tea. I have opted on the odd occasion for a Chai Latte which is a cross between a tea and a coffee. I like that it doesn’t have the strong coffee flavour of a normal Latte but usually find it a tad too sweet compared with a normal cup of white tea. I like spicy foods and while I don’t mind the spice in a Chai Latte it’s not my first choice of drink so I was unsure what I’d think of this flavour.

There is a slight spicy aroma but it is very subtle. The chocolate is not overly sweet which is a good thing. There is quite a strong dominant spicy overtone but I did not mind it and found it to be quite pleasant. It’s not excessively strong but there’s no doubt that it has a Chai Latte flavour. While it may not be my first choice of flavour I was still happy to go back for seconds.

Someone mentioned online that their chocolate contains vegetable fat instead of cocoa butter and is therefore more akin to compound chocolate. I could easily see there was cocoa butter on the label of my pack but there was no percentage listed. This may be a little deceptive and it would be good to see the company be more upfront about percentages of all their ingredients. I hate compound chocolate but was more than happy with this one so hopefully it means there’s more cocoa butter and less vegetable oil rather than the other way around and since cocoa butter is listed first in the list of ingredients I have to assume that there should be more. Plus at $5 a block for only 100g I’d assume a higher amount to justify the price.

So if you’re after some new and exciting flavours rather than the normal run-of-the-mill ones and want a product that is made in Australia then it’s worth giving this company a try. If you love Chai Lattes and chocolate then this is a match made in heaven but if not then I don’t think you’ll find it unpleasant. If you’re not so keen of this particular flavour there are plenty of other interesting and unique flavours to try and there’s bound to be a few that would make great gifts or stocking fillers either because of their unique flavours or because of their interesting names.

RRP $5.00


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