Ecostore – Washing Detergent

laundry powder

Ecostore’s washing detergent is an excellent alternative to other brands that are laden with chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment but also to the users.

I have always had sensitive skin but now with children I am more conscious of what is placed on their delicate, eczema prone skin. I have recently started making my own laundry detergent so I would know exactly what was going in it. So, in trialling Ecostore’s detergent I was intrigued to try a product that could be bought in a store that is safe for the skin and the environment.

To really put this detergent to the test I decided to use the detergent on my cloth nappy wash. These nappies are full of lots of lovely colours and smells so they need a good soap that is going to clean them so that they are clean enough to use again.

And it was a success!

The nappies came out clean and fresh – no scent detected but I am not too worried about that, knowing that scents can harm the skin.

The detergent is easy to use either top or front loading and is concentrated so you really get your money’s worth as only a small amount of detergent is needed with each wash.

Eco Store’s washing detergent is a must have for anyone who cares about what goes down the drain as cleaning is not compromised.

RRP $6.99 (500g)


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