Skinfood New Zealand Light Moisturiser


I have a very basic skincare routine but with very dry skin a good moisturiser is at the top of my list. I generally go for a cheap option and often use plain old Sorbolene because with sensitive skin on top of dry skin I need something without any harsh ingredients that can cause a reaction or irritations. I much prefer a natural product so was more than happy to try this product since my face is the one part of my body that if will quickly show if a product is going to react.  I had not heard of this brand before but it did not disappoint.

It has a nice subtle citrus scent which I loved. It’s not a huge tube but reasonably priced considering it’s ‘natural based and paraben free’. It’s nice and light, easy to apply and a little goes a long way. It rubbed in easily with no residue and was non-greasy. It is rich in peach oil, Manuka honey, avocado, elderberry and marshmallow extract to help soothe and soften your skin. As a bonus it contains ingredients that help to repair and restore collagen and elastin.

When I first applied it after a shower I thought I noticed a little bit of redness in a couple of small places but there was no tightness or stinging usually associated with a reaction to a skincare product. Over the years I’ve tried a number of different products and some have immediately caused stinging, burning and noticeable redness and for days afterwards it looks like my skin has been burnt. So I tried this product again later in the day to double-check and there was no reaction at all so maybe there wasn’t an issue at all but it’s good to see that their box and product clearly states ‘discontinue if irritation occurs’. Some people can be allergic to even the most natural of products. Fortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case for me. Although I used it twice in the one day this was purely to test if it would react on my sensitive skin because my skin was still soft and smooth after the one application in the morning and did not need it re-applied with regards to the moisturising properties.

I was very happy with this product. It was very moisturising and my skin stayed soft and smooth for the entire day. It’s great for any skin type but if you have dry and/or sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, that this brand claims will work wonders for, then it is highly recommended.

RRP $NZ 13.99



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