Skin Food Mud Masque


Taking time out – there is never enough time in my day to take time out, or an excuse to. However, the Skinfood mud masque made me do it. This natural based and paraben free masque contains mud from Rotorua so not only was I taking time out but I was also transported to the lovely geothermal spas of New Zealand.

After a peaceful shower (where I cleansed my face) I emerged ready for some time to relax. I applied the masque on thickly, as instructed, and sat patiently while the mask dried. The mud masque was easy to apply, coming out of the tube thickly and smoothly. The fragrance of the masque was citrusy and light and did not linger too long. While I dreamt of Rotorua, the mud masque dried over my face and neck. I think I may have placed some close to my eye (there were no instructions about avoiding the eye area) and it was slightly irritated but was easily removed with a warm washer.

Once the Skinfood mud masque had dried I used a warm washer to remove the masque. It was easy to remove and left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Following instructions I finished off by applying toner and moisturizer which topped off the cleansing and relaxing experience.

The mud masque gave my skin a fresh feeling and I would like to make this part of my facial care routine. It would be great if there was an instruction as to how often I should use the masque as I would not want to over do it.

Overall SkinFood’s use of more natural products makes me feel like I have really looked after my skin. The masque was an excellent excuse to relax and I feel like I have given my skin a much better clean than I have for a while.

RRP $13.99 NZD


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