Camelbak – Eddy Kids


I’ve used various bottles that claim to be spill proof, but I still end up with soggy tissues and wet biscuit crumbs at the bottom of my bag after they predictably leak everywhere. This Camelbak Eddy for Kids is a different story.

First of all, it’s the perfect size. Just enough that I rarely run out, and not too much that it’s heavy to lug around everywhere. It is also easy to open and close for little fingers so they don’t need a lot of strength to open the straw.

Unlike the plain adults version, the kids one is designed with bright colours and designs that makes it appealing to toddlers, a good thing when you either need to convince them to drink water in the first place, or simply need to distract them from wanting something else.

I love that it’s clear, so you can see when it’s nearly time for a re-fill and it has an easy hold they can hook their fingers in to carry it around. And boy does it get carried around – this gem goes everywhere with us!

Cleaning is relatively easy, the bottle itself goes in the dishwasher and the straw and lid I rinse under the tap. The bottle is also tough. Strong as my toddler is, she also drops things all the time. So having a bottle I know will go the distance is crucial.


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