Eleven Australia: Miracle Hair Treatment


Eleven Australia’s Miracle Hair treatment is paraben free and PETA approved. It contains many natural ingredients and all packaging is recyclable.

This hair treatment lotion has eleven claims and I found that overall the claims were met.

I added the Miracle hair treatment to my hair after I washed it in the evening. Once my hair dried my hair did look shiny, felt smooth and was a lot easier to brush. I have always had fly away, frizzy hair so was really hoping that this product would keep my hair at bay. I also wanted to make sure the body of my hair was kept bouncy as many frizz products often flatten my hair.

When I woke up the next day my hair still felt smooth and looked shiny with bounce however, my hair did go frizzy so perhaps more was needed, I didn’t apply enough or it only lasts for a certain amount of time? I couldn’t really find any information anywhere as to how much I needed to use on the website or the container.

As I only had a sample product I would be happy to give this another go with more treatments involved as perhaps my hair is more damaged and needs some extra TLC!


RRP $24.95


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