Lose Baby Weight – Fitness Challenge

I’ve always been a slacker when it comes to fitness. But after two babies and an increasingly busy lifestyle I decided enough is enough. But when it comes to fitness,  deciding the best strategy for you is a hard decision.

I could have just started my own ‘walk the streets with the pram’ routine, but that hasn’t really worked in the past, I get too bored. I didn’t feel a gym would be beneficial to me as finding enough time to warrant the monthly fees wasn’t feasible and they usually don’t have classes or crèche available when I need it.

A personal trainer I can’t afford and I can’t afford to buy my own gym equipment outright either, nor did I want to sign up to a food program. Besides, the only one I’d likely use doesn’t even deliver to my area.

In the end I signed up with Lose Baby Weight. I’d joined their closed Facebook support group and immediately saw just how supportive and motivating everyone was. They were all there for the same reason and there was no cause for embarrassment.

The 28 day challenge itself is great. First of all, I don’t need to think. I simply follow the directions of each exercise on my phone. There is a video demonstration of each one so that I know I’m using the correct technique and not doing any damage, and it’s as easy as setting the timer on the screen and you’re off. No faffing around with the timer on the clock function of phone, no looking for the clock on my wall, it was all right in front of me.

The exercises focus on specific areas so you’re not all over the shop every day. One day will be lower body, one day upper, pilates, core, etc so you get to work the different areas and give those areas a break on the off days.

The website is easy to use to track how I perform in each repetition, and this is helpful when looking at the broader picture of how I improve over time. You can also track your weight loss in kg’s and also cm’s in the various areas of your body, if that’s what you want to track.

Part of the challenge is utilising their meal plans so you’re cooking healthy meals to support the fitness program. I haven’t been following the weekly plans, but I have been utilising the awesome recipe hub. There are thousands of delicious recipes in there and I’ve been able to really experiment with things that are healthy for my whole family.

So far I’m on track to a fitter, healthier (and smaller) version of me!

I did request permission from them for a pretty picture to publish here but was denied.



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