Hippo Blue – Personalised Story Book


The Hippo Blue website is your one-stop-shop for personalised children’s’ products.  Apart from name labels, wall decals, height charts, stationery, and bags, they also sell a fun personalised story book!


Ordering couldn’t be easier! To get started, just enter your child’s name and gender and click “preview”.  If you like what you see, just add it to your cart and check out!  Personalised books are great to encourage your child to read, and the message in this book is very positive.  The drawings are cute, and the colours bright and appealing.


Having said that, there are some areas for improvement.  Firstly, this is a child’s book, but it is softcover and could be easily damaged. Indeed, mine arrived slightly damaged near the spine.  Secondly, there is only the one story available, so if your child loves the book and wants more titles — well, you’re plum out of luck on this site! Thirdly, the rhymes in the book don’t always work well with names of more than two syllables.  Fourthly, you can personalise the name, but not the picture of the child in the book.  So the main character in the girl book is caucasian with brown pigtails, and in the boy book caucasian with short brown hair.  So your child may not necessarily identify well with the story, even though the book has their name throughout. And lastly, the book is available only in English.


Hippo Blue produced this book very quickly. It took two days from ordering to dispatch.  The Order History page shows only basic information – order number, date, name of person ordering, total cost, and order status. Surprisingly, there’s nowhere to see what was ordered and what personalisation was requested, nor the tracking number — all this information is included in emails, so don’t delete anything until you’ve received your purchase!  In my case, this took longer than one would expect — 12 days within the one state — but apparently this was an issue with Australia Post and not Hippo Blue.


Overall I did quite like the book, but if I were interested in something similar, I would most likely shop from a rival site where I could upload a photo, change the language, or receive in hardcover.  However, this seems to be a new venture for Hippo Blue, and maybe in the future some (or dare I hope ALL?) of these features will be available.  One to watch!


Catie, VIC



RRP $30, plus postage (postage free over $100)



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