Skinfood New Zealand – Exfoliating Body Bar


I don’t exfoliate as a general rule – I don’t have the time and simply concentrate on the basics like cleansing and moisturising. However I understand the science behind it and agree that it can be quite helpful and maybe my dry skin wouldn’t be such an issue if I did exfoliate more. After trying a salt scrub recently and loving the feel of it on my skin and how nice my skin felt after using it I did invest in that product to use now and again so I was more than happy to try this product.

It is very cheap considering other products that do a similar job can be quite expensive so that was great news. Obviously it won’t last long but I can see you getting more than enough uses out of it to make it very economical. It says to use two to three times a week so I expect it to last about a month or even longer which is very reasonable. I used it directly on to my wet skin as well as lathering it in my hand first. The former can be a little harsh/rough on your skin due to the Macadamia shell pieces. but you expect that from a scrub or exfoliating product. However if you find it too rough the latter method is a great alternative and feels wonderful on your skin.

The bar has a curved shape which makes it easy to hold and is great for using around curves and in hard to reach areas. It felt good on my skin once lathered and there was no irritation or redness and no adverse reaction. I noticed beading on the skin as the water flowed over it after I rinsed it off which I was impressed with. It allowed the ingredients to do their job without being completely washed away and hopefully meant it was keeping some moisture in afterwards. Once I dried off the first time I did notice a small amount of flaking on one arm so I did need some extra moisturising. However maybe after several uses by stripping away the dead skin and allowing moisturisers to really get in to my skin instead of just sitting on top I might not need as much help in this area.

As well as the Macadamia shell there is orange oil listed as an ingredients. Despite this there is no discernible smell but for me that is fine. I love fragrances but am aware that they can sometimes be a problem for my sensitive skin. There is also sweet almond oil to soothe and soften the skin which is good if like me you have naturally dry skin.

I was more than happy with this product. It was easy to use, worked well, there were no issues with my skin during or after use and is very cheap for a natural soap. Whatever your skin type this is a great product and I highly recommend it.

RRP $NZ 2.89


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