Breville – Smart Waffle


I’ve always been a dessert person. But this waffle machine means I can now have a treat for dessert anytime I want, or breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner!

The same as with pancakes, there is no way of making the perfect shape. You always end up with batter everywhere and they go cold before you get to eat them.

I love how the waffle machine makes the perfect waffle in just a few minutes – and the best thing? No mess afterwards! The little moat section captures any overflow easily and simply wipes off later. It comes with a handy batter scoop as well so you get the right amount for each waffle and for those who may be a little OCD like myself, they all look the same!

There are various settings which make the cooking process incredibly simple. You simply choose the waffle type – normal, Belgium, chocolate, etc – and you’re off and running for the exact right amount of time.

Unlike some appliances, the waffle maker is a nice compact machine (about the same as a sandwich press) that fits nicely on the bench and will easily store away in the cupboard and not take up too much real estate. There’s nothing worse than a cupboard that won’t close because it’s bulging at the seams.

As a treat, it’s a wonderful machine but I wonder how often you’d actually use it? Unless you’re a regular waffle-eater the cost might not be justified and you could end up with just another dusty appliance. Having said that, if you’re a waffle queen (or King) then you can’t go wrong.

RRP $199.95


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