Bubba Blue – Embroidered Cot Waffle Blanket

If you’re looking for a practical gift to give a new mum, then this is ideal. Upon opening the pack I noticed how large it is. 1.2×1.4 which allows perfect coverage in the cot. It’s also a good size to double as an emergency wrap if needed, though as the fabric is quite thick it doesn’t look as comfy for a baby, but that’s obviously not it’s intended use.

Made from 100% cotton you can be sure there are no nasties waiting to damage a child’s skin and it goes easily through the washing machine. It can’t go in the  dryer which is a shame. When you have a house filled with little people anything that can go in the dryer is a god-send, especially during the wet and cold winter months.

This sheet is perfect for those balmy nights where you want something over your baby, but it’s too warm for a blanket and it comes in cute little designs that will match in with the décor of nearly any nursery as well.



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