Gaia – Intensive Moisturiser

Intensive Moisturiser 125ml 010

The first time I tried this was not as enjoyable as I imagined. The bottle was visually so appealing and the  tease of apricot kernels, rosehip oil and sweet almond oil gave me high hopes. I don’t know if it was the moisturiser or the face wipes I’d just used, but my eyes ended up stinging really bad!

I didn’t use a lot and I don’t think I went anywhere near my eye, but there was definitely some kind of reaction between face wipe and cream that made its way into the eye and made me stop and start rinsing with water right away. In the end it wasn’t too bad a reaction, but it certainly put me off.

The next day I thought I’d give it a second chance, without using the face wipe and I had no issues. My skin felt refreshed and well protected but a few hours later I felt I needed to re-apply so that was disappointing. I like a moisturiser to last the day at least.

The size of the bottle, while small, is quite appealing. It’s perfect for throwing in your handbag if you feel you’d need it throughout the day. Not many moisturisers come in a handy package like this. It’s also a pump pack which means you don’t squirt out too much each time and this makes your money go further.

RRP $12.95


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