Colorific Bloom Pops – Glitter Jewellery Pack


As my daughter is now an adult I tested this product out with my neighbour’s 8-year-old daughter. I know how crafty my daughter is and how much she loved all sorts of activity/craft packs like this when she was young so when my neighbour said her daughter was similar I was pretty confident she would love it too.

None of us had heard of this product or craze before so it was very new not only to me but to my neighbour and her daughter. It says it’s suitable for ages 5 – 12 with help required for ages 5-7 years but 8 years and over should be able to manage on their own. It took a little bit of time for her to work out the instructions the first time and they maybe could have been a little bit clearer but once she got the hang of it and worked out what went where it was a lot easier and she did indeed manage fine on her own. She had made a few jewellery items with beads before so this was a nice, new and exciting variation.

She very carefully checked the contents off against the box and instruction leaflet to ensure she had everything she needed and then got straight in to creating a range of flowers. She was excited to then make a necklace and proudly wore that as she explored the other options which included two bracelets and a clip to put on clothes, bags or other accessories.
There was a packet of glitter shapes which she thought were stickers but once we opened the packet she was excited to find there were more flower shapes to use but this time glittery ones. This new version states that ‘the latest flower fashion activity craze from 2014 is back in series 2 and it’s ‘glitterised!’ ‘ When she realised this she was very excited and even more so when she discovered the silver glitter shapes in the middle of the pile. Not only does this give more options and more possible flowers to create but also allows you to glam them up for special occasions and parties if you choose to wear them.


Alternatively you can use them to add interest to your books, furniture, room, etc. The uses are endless as there are stickers included in the kit to allow you to stick them on things instead of just wearing them.

There were enough things to keep her busy for a long time on her own but I could see that she was keen to make lots of things so it would be nice to have a few extra bases or the option to buy refills of some of the parts like this. That would allow the creativity to continue without getting frustrated that there were enough flowers for extra projects but not enough bases and if she had friends over 5 bases is really not enough to share the activity. On the plus side they can be reused endlessly so you can take turns or if you don’t like the end result you can simply un-pop it and redo it and then after a week if you want to get the kit out again you can reuse everything to come up with some new ideas.

Pack includes : 2 bracelets, necklace chain, flower clip, the Bloom Pop Maker and Un-popper, 15 fabric flower petals, 26 glitter petals, 4 flower bases, 4 flower buttons, 12 flower spacers, 4 sticky rings, Daisy charm, Charm holder, 2 Link chain and 25 sticky gems. This didn’t seem like a lot for the price but as above the fact that you can reuse most of these contents over and over does make the price much more attractive.

At the end she confirmed that she liked this kit a lot and said if was fun to make up the flowers and jewellery pieces. She also told me she thought all her friends would love it too. So this kit was a huge hit and definitely something to consider for your children or friends’ children if they like crafty things. It’s not too difficult that they’ll get frustrated and if they get bored easily or have a short attention span they can quickly complete a project or even two or three in a very short space of time. An ideal gift for both Christmas and birthdays.

RRP $24.99


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