Camelbak – Eddy


The Camelbak Eddy bottle is immediately appealing as it’s durable and easy to carry, especially when juggling multiple things including a toddler and having the loop handle linked in the crook of a finger. In the early days when my son was newborn, this bottle never left my side as I constantly needed hydration due to the frequent breastfeeds. The wide bite valve lets you guzzle the fluid fast. I’m not a huge fan of plain water, usually preferring the flavoured or fizzy variety of drinks, but I learnt that I could down a 750ml bottle of el-natural tap water within 1 minutes flat – no worries. Also being spill proof it’s great when you’re on the run – so not only an efficient hydration station but allows you to multi-task as well, what every mum needs.

It’s 100% BPA and BPS free so no issues with the plastic degrading over time. The only part that needs a good clean or replacing over time is the bite valve and straw. It’s a bit hard to clean being a narrow area but important as the stagnant water leads to a build up of grime. To manage this you can either buy a cleaning kit or just know that you need to invest in a new valve and straw each couple of months.

Even though I am no longer breastfeeding, my Camelbak still never leaves my side. It’s a family affair now so we have one in the car, my husband has his own stationed on his bed side table and even my son has a kids version. Seeing us use ours constantly, he was like a duck to water having no trouble using the bite valve. Fun for all the family.

Melissa, NSW

RRP $24.95


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