Hydralyte Blackcurrant & Apple Flavour Electrolyte Solution (4 x 250ml)

abj hydralyte

I know the importance of replacing lost fluids after being sick, especially if you have bad diarrohea or vomiting. When my children were young and they couldn’t eat anything I’d often use diluted lemonade. A year or two ago my adult daughter had been throwing up for a while but eventually needed to go back to work so asked me to get some electrolyte drinks to help her last the day. I went to the chemist and saw how expensive these specific drinks were and since she’s on a tight budget I went to the supermarket and opted to simply get some Lucozade instead. Since I haven’t bought or used this product before I was more than happy to test it out.

It’s supposedly similar to Gastrolyte but more palatable especially for kids.
The smaller bottles means less waste – you don’t need to open a large bottle and leave the remainder sitting there to throw out if you don’t use it all and there’s no mixing like with a powder. It’s ready to go straight away and there can be no error with mixing the wrong quantities because it’s done for you. It’s also very a very handy size for taking with you if you have to go out or go on holiday and makes the more expensive price compared to the cheaper substitutes better value.

My son has been sick recently so he wasn’t doing much. He had been sweating both as a result of a cold/flu bug and because of the recent hot weather we’ve been experiencing. He was a lot better yesterday but decided to go back to the gym after a few days break so this was a good drink to help replace those electrolytes lost through the sweating and strenuous exercise. I had a sip to test the flavour and I thought it was a bit too sweet for my palate but he liked it and happily drank the whole lot and the blackcurrant and apple flavour makes a nice change from orange and gives you some variety.

I don’t have the opportunity to test it out on little children but I am sure they’d like it too if my son is anything to go by and I have read comments that children like it even more if made into ice blocks for them to suck. The brand claims Hydralyte ready-to-use Electrolyte solution is suitable for the entire family, including babies and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers so it’s a great product to have on hand just in case those unexpected illnesses occur or even over the very hot months coming up where dehydration in children and the elderly is a real concern.

However as with all things like this be aware that dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhoea can be dangerous in babies and children under 5 years old and in elderly people so please seek medical advice if diarrhoea persists for more an extended period of time.

This is a good convenient product with a sweet flavour that children should love that can help replace lost elctrolytes due to driarrohea, vomiting, sweating, exercise or dehydration from other causes. It’s not the cheapest product but having four individual bottles and being pre-made is a huge plus; it’s ready-to-go especially during stressful times when you need to concentrate on more important matters. It’s definitely worth trying and I have seen it on special so maybe stock up when it is reduced to make it even better value.

NOTE: This is NOT a medical professional review. Please see your doctor for professional advice.


RRP $15.99


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