Naked Truth – Mixed Babies with Bellies


I had not heard of this company before so was happy to find out more and test out the products of this ‘new kid on the block.’ It’s such a great company name that it immediately gets your attention.

Their webpage states:- ‘The Naked Truth is for the chocoholics, the risk takers and the pleasure seekers. Not shy of self-expression and telling it how it is.
Like you need a reason…is our shared TRUTH. We believe you don’t need a reason to indulge, express yourself, share your view or even say I love you.’ A great philosophy and motto and very inspiring.

This is a small bag but very reasonably priced considering they claim to use premium ingredients. The bag is clear so you can clearly see exactly how many you’re getting, what they look like and their size so there’s no hidden surprises or disappointments.

The company name tends to ‘imply’ natural ingredients but I can’t verify this with regards this specific sweet so not sure if they are. One of their other products does clearly state natural colours and natural flavours so I’m assuming in this particular case they aren’t. There’s a list of codes for the colours but it simply says ‘flavours’ and doesn’t tell you the origin of those flavourings. Having said that they look more natural than some other brands – they are more muted in colour and there’s no vibrantly bright colours that often signify an artificial ingredient and/or colour.

They have a great taste – really fruity and not too sweet. They give you that small sugar hit without being too sickly and they are very moreish. It was simply too tempting to keep going back for more so the packet did not last long at our place. They are firm enough to hold their shape well but nice and soft in the mouth so will suit all ages.

My whole family loved these and if you’re already a fan of Jelly Babies then this new version and brand is sure to be a hit. It would be nice if they were all natural but it’s a small enough bag that you can eat them without feeling too guilty even if they aren’t. I loved these and noticed just before they arrived that all of the Naked Truth products are on special this week at Coles so the perfect time to try them for yourself or stock up if you have already tried them and like them as much as I do.

RRP $2.20


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