Skinfood New Zealand – Body Butter


I don’t normally buy or use Body Butters. I don’t have anything against them but personally just see them as a fancy type of body moisturiser. As a creature of habit I usually just stick with what I normally use – Sorbolene or a natural moisturising cream or lotion.

I had not heard of this brand of New Zealand skincare products but was more than happy to try them since I was born in New Zealand and still have a fondness for the place and people. My first impressions were very favourable – a pleasant smell, lovely texture and great feel on my skin. It is a large tub similar in size to other brands of Body Butters I have seen out there but a bit cheaper than others that also claim to be naturally based.

It was easy to apply, rubbed in quickly with no residue and was non-greasy. It made my skin feel nice and smooth which is a rare feat when it is naturally very dry and I did not have to reapply it during the day which was also a good sign. A little goes a long way and I have hardly made a dent in the large tub even though I’ve used it over most of my body over the last few days.

It contains Manuka Honey, coconut, avocado and macadamia nut oils, mango and cocoa butter. I love all of these ingredients and had no reactions, redness or irritation on my sensitive skin. Another positive is it is paraben-free. It does not appear to be available in stores here in Australia as yet, unless my quick search for stockists missed something, but you can order online from the company itself and there is free postage for orders over $50.

It was a pleasure to use this product and I would be more than happy to use it again. It is reasonably priced, very economical, has a lovely subtle scent, feels good on my skin and does indeed replenish lost moisture to make my very dry skin feel smooth and soft. If you are still searching for a good overall body moisturiser that is free of harsh chemicals then you’re sure to love this product and if you have very dry and/or sensitive skin then I highly recommend it.

RRP $ 18.99 NZD


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