Bite Me Bakehouse – Mt Colah, NSW

I stopped in at Bite Me Bakehouse this morning for a much needed coffee hit and a treat to satisfy the family.

Today is the long awaited opening day so it was no surprise to me to see cars lined up out the front as we approached.

For a new business in an iconic local location ( formerly it was Rubber Duckies), I was curious to see just how much local support they would generate.

The staff were very friendly and considering there was a number of people in store ahead of me I was served very quickly. I wanted to sample at least a few items off the menu so we ordered a few pies and sweet treats plus  a coffee.

The pies were delicious. We had a plain steak  and also a steak and mushroom.  Both were a great size and not too hot that you couldn’t tuck into it straight away. Plenty of filling and the pastry was well cooked. I didn’t have a sausage roll but they looked heavenly and are on the hitlist for next time.


The cupcake my daughter had was fresh and not too sweet,  a good thing when you give it to them not long before naptime.  As far as sweet treats go though it wasn’t a massive variety. There was some custard tarts, apple turnovers and various cream filled delights that all looked delicious.  I think maybe I was expecting a little more but perhaps the range will grow in time.

But for $15 I got 2 pies, a cupcake and a small coffee which I thought was good value.

I think it’s a safe bet they’ll sell out of items very quickly at the rate the car park is filling up so get in early. There is plenty of parking and it’s off to the side of the main highway so it’s great if you have kids. It will also make a great pit stop if you’re heading north up the Central Coast on holidays. I think what I love most is that it’s an easy pull up and order while your eyes can still be on your car. There aren’t many places you can do this if you have someone waiting in your car with your kids while you jump out quickly, especially for the caffeine addicts amongst us!


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