Bedhead Hats – Bucket hat with strap


Our latest addition to our hat collection has been the Lightning print Bucket hat with strap by Bedhead Hats.

My son has a big head so I was excited to see how this hat, which we measured in order to get the right fit, was going to go. My son is only 18 months old so again I was intrigued to see if this was a hat he would ‘love to wear’.

The Bedhead hat is great. It is soft and has a fantastic pattern. The strap is adjustable so it can be worn tightly to the chin or loosely around the neck so the hat doesn’t get lost and can remain around the child.

The measuring system for head circumference was something I had never come across before when purchasing a hat – a great idea especially when buying online. The video was comprehensive to help me to measure my child’s head. However, I did find some confusion with the hat sizes once I had my measurement. My son’s head measured 53cm, which lines up with the large size but when thinking about growth I wasn’t sure if we should go for the XL. I ended up going for the XL, worried that the hat might be too tight. Unfortunately the hat brim was way too big. The hat itself fit well but the brim was too long over his face. It might be good to see examples of hat sizes when you are in between and other factors that can play a role. I have an 18 month old with a big head so in hindsight the smaller hat may have been better considering he has a smaller face than what an older child would.


Overall, the hat is great and I hope we can get some more use out of it in the future. It is a struggle to get any young child to wear a hat but I think this one has some potential as it feels comfortable (I tried it on and I did like it!) and fits the head well. The material is soft and easy to carry anywhere. The hat washes well and dries easily which is great for those summer sprinkler days! The website provides so many different types of hats and provides a great return policy for hats that are the wrong size – a great policy for an online store!

RRP $32.95


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