Babu Body Wash & Shampoo

Body Wash & Shampoo

Babu™’s skincare range is proudly made in New Zealand. Their webpage says this product is for ‘everyone’ so since it’s a long time since I had a baby it’s claim that it’s ‘fantastic for eczema and sensitive skins’ prompted me to try it on myself. I have very dry and sensitive skin and also suffer from mild eczema so have to be careful what I use on it.

Since it’s made completely from natural and organic ingredients it gave me great confidence using it. The 100% natural papaya fragrance made it smell divine while the coconut, jojoba and evening primrose oils naturally moisturise and soothe the skin. Having had eczema since a child I know how good all of these ingredients are for both my skin and this condition and wasn’t disappointed. It did not irritate my skin or eczema and my skin felt smooth and soft all over while using it and for a short time afterwards. I noticed the water beading in the shower showing signs of creating a barrier against moisture loss which was a good sign. I couldn’t go all day without an additional moisturiser but it did last longer than expected and if you are using it on a baby then unless they have very dry skin like my son did when he was born you should be fine without any added moisturisers afterwards.

It was hard to get the cap off the first few times but got easier with use. This is good in that it  seals tight so there is no leakage. But If using with a baby probably pay to have the cap off ready to use so you don’t have issues trying to undo the cap with only one hand. Once the cap is off it is easy to use especially with a baby – one hand can control how much product you need to squeeze out while the other hand holds the baby.

It smelled divine and was easy to use. As a shampoo it lathered up really well on my hair. It claims it is a ‘no tear’ shampoo which is essential for little ones but I haven’t been able to test this. My hair looked and felt clean and was non-greasy but I’d probably just use this product as a body wash for myself as the second day I used it my hair felt a little drier than normal.

This is a New Zealand company with lots of stockists in Australia both online and in-store so you should be able to find the product easily. It is not cheap but since it has natural and organic ingredients it will always be a little more expensive than standard supermarket brands. The plus is it is a combined body wash and shampoo in one and therefore saves money since there is no need to buy two separate products. It also looks like it’ll last a long time for a baby.

I loved this product as did my skin. It did not irritate or cause issues and I haven’t had to apply any eczema cream since using it which I normally have to every day and my eczema looks better and isn’t as itchy. I highly recommend it for both babies and anyone with skin problems.

RRP $28.95


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