Hippo Blue – Wall Stickers


I’ve used a number of different wall decal companies in the past, usually the designs that come pre-packaged in plastic covers. Now I’m not sure if it’s me being a little bit daft, or if my walls simply don’t like stickers, but I haven’t found any yet that actually remain stuck to the wall. It’s disappointing as I’ve spent quite a bit of money on different types in the past, not wanting to buy what seemed expensive ones, when I should have just gone with Hippo Blue.

Hippo Blue has been a vastly different experience. First of all, it was hard to select the design I wanted. The range on their website is all so beautiful it took me a while to choose the funky circus theme, but in the end the overall ordering process was so easy.

Within a few minutes I was done and all I had to do was wait for it to arrive. Two days later that’s what happened and I opened the tube with excitement, more so than my toddler who didn’t quite understand!

In my excitement I grabbed the first sheet and got to peeling the circus tent off and wondering where to place it. After finding the perfect spot on my daughters wall I returned to the tube for the next sticker only to realise that half my order was missing! Disappointed I emailed them my dilemma and asked for it to be sent asap.

I received a note back almost immediately with a sincere apology and the rest was dispatched that afternoon. So even though I had to wait, it was a good experience and the service impressive.

When the rest of the stickers turned up, I got to putting the circus together. I’m a bit obsessive about things being even, so I probably should have used a level or something to make sure it was all in order as when I stepped back it was all lop-sided. Nervously I started to peel the offending stickers off but they actually came off really easy without damaging either the wall or the sticker so I could re-use it easily where I needed it. These stickers are personalised, a feature that Hippo Blue provides, but really it’s just my daughter’s name on the circus tent. I guess as a toddler that’s exciting but I think for me the personalisation is more practical on their other products. It’s not a bad thing though, just an observation.

Days later and the stickers are still stuck to the wall too, so that’s a win in my eyes. No edges curling and no rolled up stickers lying on the floor so I’d say these are worth their money.


RRP $44.95


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