Maybelline – Rebel Bloom Lipstick – Barely Bloomed


I don’t wear a lot of make-up. Mainly because I have sensitive skin but also because I prefer the feel of no make-up on my face and it saves time not having to apply numerous products each morning.  However lipstick is the one make-up product I do have. Not for everyday but for special occasions, for when I’m trying to create a more professional image or simply because I just want to add a bit of colour.
I’ve had mixed success with lipsticks – some don’t stay on for very long and need reapplying throughout the day and others accentuate my dry skin and any blemishes that arise from this like cracked lips or flaky skin. I love Shisedo lipsticks and they seem to do a good job but are very expensive so happy to look for cheaper alternatives.

This lipstick was nice and creamy and went on smoothly. It felt moisturising and the creamy honey nectar did indeed give a sumptuous feel. However it did not stay on as long as I would have liked – I needed to reapply it in the middle of the day when I noticed late morning it was starting to disappear even though I hadn’t done anything to cause that.

The second time I tried it I wasn’t as completely happy with the coverage as the first time. It still felt good and was easy to apply but it did highlight some dry areas rather than covering them up. From a distance it probably wasn’t so prominent but looking in the bathroom mirror I could see the blemishes easily.

The colour is nice if you’re looking for a colour and finish that is natural. However it probably didn’t suit my skin tone and might be better on a more olive or darker skin. This shade tended to make me look a bit too washed out and probably needed a touch more pink.

Overall it compared similarly to other lipsticks I’ve tried but is a little dearer than I would prefer to pay so I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy it. It felt good on my lips and may over time actually help improve their condition. If you don’t suffer from very dry skin like me it probably looks and performs better and therefore could be worth trying but for me I did not find it performed as well as I was hoping it would.

RRP  $16.95


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