Skin Food – SPF 15 Moisturiser


Skin Food’s SPF 15 Moisturiser comes in a compact 100ml pack that has a safety seal for peace of mind. The SPF Moisturiser is sealed in an easy to use squeezable container with a flip lid that is slim enough for the bathroom cupboard or for travelling.

The moisturiser is creamy and just the right amount of thickness so that you do not need to use too much or too little. The cream soaks in easily, leaving little greasiness behind and my skin in quickly ready for an extra base of foundation if need be. The tea tree oil, aloe vera and honey are gentle on the skin and offer a gentle scent that is subtle and soothing. As a lover of the outdoors and the sunny days, sun cream is a constant factor in my daily moisurising routine. Before this product I was using a separate sun cream as I had found many creams with SPF to be too thick or overpowering. The Skin food’s SPF 15 moisturiser is easy to apply, not too thick and works! I feel covered enough from head to neck that I can play out in the sun and not worry about being burnt or drying up! I found that I only needed a small amount to cover my face and neck so I am sure that this 100ml will last me for quite a few sunny days!

Skin Food’s SPF moisturiser is an excellent addition to my morning routine, giving me peace of mind to jump out into the sun, knowing that my face doesn’t look like it is covered in sun cream!

RRP $13.99 NZD


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