Bedhead Hats – Ponytail Bucket Hat with strap


There are so many different types of hats out there and what I really look for is one that protects my child from the sun and that they will continue to wear while they are in the sun! The Bedhead hats seem to be one of those hats that my daughter loves to wear, she likes the look of it, doesn’t take too much notice of it while it is on and is able to squash it in her backpack on her way to the park.

This bedhead bucket hat is a wonderful burst of colour and is very loved by my four year old. The Bedhead hat is a soft hat that fits her head quite comfortably and can easily be squashed into a bag on the way to any outdoor activity.

The Bedhead bucket hat has some very useful parts to it: A string which fits comfortably under her chin and is easily adjustable so that it can fit her head snugly or be worn around the neck when sun wear isn’t needed!

The bucket hat also comes with a hole for a pony tail – we didn’t make use of this but I can see how it would come in handy as hats can often be quite uncomfortable for the pony tail wearers!

Before we used the hat we had to measure her head to make sure it was going to fit snugly and that it would be a hat she would ‘love to wear’ . The video tutorial was easy to understand and I was able to get a measurement that made sure we had the right sized hat.

The brim is not only sun protecting but it also never seemed to flop in her eyes. I never once saw her try to move or take the hat off while she was playing as the brim stayed firm (yet soft) over her face.


She really loves the bright pink colour of this hat – pink is her favourite colour and this bright pink definitely fits the description!

The size, shape and colour are all wins for us with this Bedhead bucket hat. I would definitely recommend this hat to any parent looking for a hat for their child to wear – and keep wearing!

RRP $26.95


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