Little Passports – Early Explorers


I was initially sceptical this was too young for my children given they are in Kindergarten and Year 1 and the Little Passports aims the product at pre-schoolers.  However, it was my daughter in Year 1 who sparked the first interest.She loved the Stickers and the carry-case and was very prompt to grab them.  I guided her through the instructions and I felt the advantage that my children were at school meant they could read the instructions themselves.  Not long after she started the activity book and referred to the world map to complete the activities, along came my son who is in Kindergarten – and so we had to ‘share’.  They sat there reading through each of the activities and deciding who was going to do what activity.  They both really enjoyed it for a short time and then scrambled off to do something else.   So I thought ‘Oh Well, that’s it’.

It wasn’t until later that week while we were driving in the car, my son began to talk about how ‘North America is joined to South America and not Africa, because they both have America in their name and are joined by the bridge’.  A slightly incorrect statement regarding the bridge, but the fact that he remembered it was a landmark in North America and was making connections to where countries were placed on the map really made me realise how much they had actually absorbed in such a short amount of time.

I was disappointed when I tried to get the kids to come back to the activity a couple of weeks later.  I laid out the map and got the stickers out along with the activity books and set it all back up.  Neither of them were interested and when I tried to coerce them, they just weren’t engaged in it.  My youngest told me it was boring and he didn’t want to do it anymore and it didn’t matter how much I tried to get them to look at it, it just didn’t work.  So maybe it is best for pre-schoolers and not school-aged children? (Or maybe my children just have a short attention span.)  As a parent, I felt it was quite educational for the kids and good fun, but my children seem to think otherwise.

Maree, NSW

RRP From $13.95 per month


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