Maybelline – Color Sensational Lipstick – Orchid Ecstasy


When I opened this delightful little package my stomach did a little flip-flop as it was much brighter and darker than anything I’m used to. But in the name of all things beauty I decided to give it a fair go.

My anxiety quickly dissipated though when I actually applied it. It was a bright purple in the tube, but on the lip it is a nice (and not outrageously bold) colour that gave me a summery and confident feeling, and that’s what it’s all about right? Feeling well and confident about yourself? Well if that’s what you’re looking for I recommend this colour as it is appropriate for almost any occasion, night or day.

The colour went on easy with a rich creamy feel and left my lips feeling amazing and not too dry. I did a little test and didn’t check it for a few hours just to see how it survived, and I’m happy to report it didn’t really need another application, but I did it anyway simply because I loved it. I even had a few compliments about perhaps wearing brighter shades in future!

It excited me that I could get away with a shade this vibrant and left me wanting more!

RRP $16.95


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