Gaia – Made for Men Face Creme


Both my son and husband tried this product. They both shave and while my husband doesn’t really use this type of product he was happy to test it.

It is a small tube but a little goes a long while so reasonably economical. It is a little more expensive than other brands but taking into account its claims to be natural and containing several certified organic oils – Evening Primrose Oil, Wheatgerm Oil,  Sunflower Oil and Aloe Extract – and that it has dual benefits – a moisturiser and aftershave balm in one – then the dearer price is understandable and isn’t such an issue.

My husband liked it. He said it smelled nice, went on smoothly and was easy to apply. It was non-greasy and his skin felt smooth afterwards. He has no issues with dry skin but his skin did feel soft afterwards and he also said he had a cut but the product did not sting which was very favourable. There was some residue left on his face that took a while to absorb in to the skin but he said he may have used more than he needed to.

However my son had the completely opposite experience. This product claims to be non-greasy but my son found that when he used it his face felt a bit greasy, even more than his forehead which is normally more greasy in general. He also found that it stung his skin and instead of being soothing was actually a little painful and for a while afterwards there was some redness on his cheeks. He has some skin issues including mild eczema and pimples and the product is supposedly suitable for use on acne-prone skin or skin affected by psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema. However he wasn’t so keen on the results and it did not appear to be suitable for his skin.

The oils are supposed to both hydrate and moisturise the skin which is good if you have dry skin and also claims to reduce the appearance of sun damage, smooth facial lines and generally help you maintain a youthful appearance. However you would need to use this product over  a longer period of time to truly test whether these things are true. It also claims to leave your skin cool and refreshed which would be great over summer and on a hot day and to soothe not only razor-burn but sunburn. With so many uses it eliminates the need for lots of products on your bathroom shelf or when space is an issue such as traveling and becomes even more economical with regards the dearer price.

So a mixed bag with regards the results and impressions of this product. My husband liked it and would use it again but my son did not and definitely did not want to use it any more. As with all skin issues and sensitivities the effects will vary between individuals and you need to test the product first to see whether there are any reactions or allergies to the ingredients. If there aren’t any skin issues like with my husband’s skin then this is a great product and he’d definitely recommend it.

RRP $11.95


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