Babu – Cotton Sheet Set

Cot Sheet Set White

Babu Cotton sheets are created from organically grown cotton. They are a sheet set option that put not only the environmentally conscious at ease but also the concerned parent due to less possibility of chemicals being passed onto babies skin while they sleep.

The Babu Cotton sheet set included a fitted cot sheet, a pillowcase and a flat sheet with a fitted bottom, which was fantastic! I wish every sheet set came with this as I always find making beds difficult due to my poor bed making skills. The fitted bottom helped the sheets to stay in place without hospital corners and made the process a lot quicker!

I am not quite at the stage yet for the pillowcase but will be in a couple of month’s time. It fits the small pillowcase that we have and I am sure it will provide a lovely soft base for my sleeping toddler!

The Babu Cotton sheet set is pure white and so soft to touch. I have used the sheet set several times and it still feels as soft as it did when I first used it. This feel is much more pleasant for bub to sleep on.

The only issue I have with the set is the colour. White is not the best colour for toddlers as they are often messy in some way especially for their daytime nap. I found that dirt showed up easily on the sheets and made the bed look messy. However, the sheets washed quite well in my eco-friendly detergent and all stains came out. The sheets dried easily after being washed and looked fresh and ready to be used again.

The sheets are fantastic for mid-season sleeping. They are not as heavy as flannelettes and not as light as other cotton sheets. They provide the perfect base for spring and autumn nights when a little bit of extra warmth is appreciated.

Overall, buying and using organically grown cotton sheets are not only a win for the environment but also for a modern family. Minimizing the chemicals we come across daily should begin in our homes and most importantly in our bedrooms where children spend around 10-12 hours in a day. Babu Sheet sets provide a safe, warm and comfortable base for any cot and I hope that we can continue to use them for the next few years.

RRP $145.00


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