Bedhead Hats – Legionnaire’s Hat


With the warmer weather now upon us, many parents thoughts turn to protecting their children from the harsh summer sun. The Australian Cancer Council drums “Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide” into us — but what kind of hat is the best to “slap” on?

In answer to this, I recommend Bedhead’s “Legionnaires” range of infant and child hats.  Available in a massive range of boy, girl, and unisex colours and designs, the first thing that appealed to me was the UPF50+ rating combined with meeting Australian and New Zealand standards.  This meant I knew my baby was going to be well protected.

The next thing that appealed was the clever design.  The soft neck flap at the back means bub will be comfy whether lying down or sitting up.  The brim is especially smart — firm enough to stand out from bub’s face and provide protection, but still soft enough that the cap can be worn both in prams and in baby carriers, even when parent-facing!

The chin strap is also adjustable for maximum comfort, meaning the hat is less likely to be lost on windy days, and the back of the cap has a “Please return this hat to:” label, just in case the cap somehow does manage to be lost.


Lastly, the cap is machine-washable, and even iron-able if the mood so takes you!

So, having trialled the cap, did I find any negatives?  So far, there has been one.  My baby is a long way from teething, but already she greatly enjoys sucking on the soft neck strap.  Once she actually does start teething, I can imagine that the cord will end up the worse for wear. I could imagine a design where the cord attaches to the hat by press-stud and where replacement cords were available for purchase.  However it is also probably true that by the time the cord does need replacing, my child will have moved into the next size up anyway. One unexpected positive was that my child – who hates wearing headbands – had zero objections to wearing her new cap. Indeed, she seemed almost to not notice she was wearing it at all!

Starting at $24.95, the Legionnaires range is quite affordable. The Bedhead website is immensely helpful with a selection of videos including the must-see “How to measure your child for a hat correctly”, and sizing starts at Newborn, so your precious bundle can be protected from birth and can get into a healthy hat-wearing habit!  You can buy directly from their site and pay by PayPal, Direct Deposit, MasterCard, or Visa, or use their website to search for your favourite online or offline stockist.

Catie Browning, Victoria

RRP starting from $24.95


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