Boba – The Boba Carrier

854086005240_Boba_4G-Carrier_Moab_Studio_Web (1)

I’m a big fan of babywearing but you really need to find the right carrier for you and your baby in order to maximise the potential. I’ve tried many different carriers and wraps to date but it’s hard to ignore a carrier that has even won two awards.

The Moab is a beautiful rusty-red colour, so it’s nice to have something other than my usual black choice of attire, though it does mean your wardrobe is limited if you don’t like being mis-matched as the red won’t go with everything. It is also very unisex, so the males in your life should feel comfortable giving it a shot.

The carrier comes with an integrated infant insert so you can use it basically from the day they are born, and then it’s suitable for kids up until 2 years old or 20kg, so the included foot straps make it nice and comfy for them as they grow. And when they are tired of being in a pram or from walking, they can cuddle up to you nice and close as you carry them, wherever you are going. I did have a small issue with my newborn whereby, even with the insert, she was that small that she really sunk down into the carrier into a dangerous position where she could be smothered, so we’ll need to wait until she grows a bit more before we use it. My toddler on the other hand fits perfectly and was very comfortable.

854086005240_Boba_4G-Carrier_Front_Web (1)

They really have thought of it all when it comes to this carrier. There is a removable hood, so when they’re sleeping their head is supported and covered from the elements. There is also a purse holder and smartphone pocket, so my hands definitely remain free,  great when doing things like grocery shopping or walking the dog!

The arm straps are comfy as is the waist band, it never once felt like it was digging in and I could quite easily wear it for hours on end. With my newborn the front did gape a little as she isn’t big enough to fill it out, so I felt a little uneasy, but my toddler filled it out nicely and felt secure.

The instruction booklet is very useful showing the correct carry positions and how to use all the accessories and the carrier itself comes in handy compact packaging so it’s easy to store and protect if you won’t be using it for a period.

RRP $199.95


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