Love to Dream – Inventa Sleep Bag


It’s no secret I love swaddling, and swaddling with Love to Dream. What I like about this one, is that is has the easy-use vents on the front so I can control their comfort levels while they sleep. There’s nothing worse than settling down for your own sweet dream to hear the whimpers of a child who has woken up cold or too hot, and then won’t settle.

So as an example, lately we’ve been having both warmer and cooler nights as we transition from winter months to summer months. It’s been hard to determine what pyjamas we still need at night and whether they’ll overheat or still be cold. Adding this sleep bag over the top means I can easily adjust the vent to allow air circulation if it’s hot, or prevent it if cold. So far, it’s a winner.

It’s so easy to duck into their room at night and adjust it as necessary to ensure they get a restful night sleep, meaning I do too!

The size I have is for 4-12 months, but my almost 2-year-old still fits into it so  it’s safe to say you’ll get your worth out of it. There is also however the size up available which takes you to 36 months so you should be able to have them comfortable up until they have the awareness to do it themselves.

Their fabrics are 100% soft cotton and don’t irritate my kid’s skin, plus the big long zip means it’s easy to get them in and out, and do nappy changes without having to take them out completely.

RRP $59.95


One thought on “Love to Dream – Inventa Sleep Bag”

  1. Great read! Now I need to look into something like this for my little 1’s.We in Seattle,WA so this weather is so unpredictable.One day it’s raining & a little under 60 degrees out the next day its sunny and a little over 65 so this definitely will be something to keep in mind.Thank you for sharing😉


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