Minimonkey – Dynamic Baby Carrier

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“Attachment Parenting” is the keyword of the day, but whether you’re an APer or simply a parent looking to get something (anything!) done with a baby who MUST be held, you may have considered “wearing” your child.

I have tried several different types of carriers.  Firstly I tried a popular structured carrier with a newborn insert — too complicated!  Then I tried a woven wrap.  This worked well around the home, but it wasn’t convenient when out and about, as the massive fabric lengths would drag on the ground and become filthy.  Next was the ring sling.  This I quite liked — except that for me, it was a short-time carrier.  For longer carries, the ring and the weight distribution became uncomfortable.


So it was with some trepidation that I tried the Minimonkey Dynamic Black and Orange — another structured carrier.  And I must say I am impressed!


This carrier is designed to carry children from newborn up to 3 years with no infant insert necessary.  You can carry your child in 4 different positions — facing you froggy-style, facing you with legs out, facing outwards, or on your back.  The outside is water-resistant, and if you are wearing bub facing you then there’s a head-cover to protect him/her from both sun and rain.


The inside lining is cotton, which may help absorb moisture and be more breathable than other fabrics.  This is important as babywearing can be a hot and sweaty business, especially in structured carriers.   Another benefit is that the carrier is machine-washable.


The design is “ergonomic” (their words).  In my words, I’ll just say it’s quite comfy so long as you have it adjusted correctly.  My advice would be to join your local babywearing group (find one on Facebook!) and have someone help you find the perfect fit the first time — I wasn’t wearing it tightly enough, and a minor adjustment made a major difference to my comfort levels.  Having said that, a major selling point to my mind was the ease of use!  Compared to other structured carriers, putting this one on is considerably more intuitive and less complicated.  But added to that was the clarity of the instructions that came with the carrier.


But the best-selling point of this specific carrier in my opinion is its style.  Firstly, it simply looks great!  But also, the black and orange colour combination is unisex. This means that:


(a) the carrier can be worn by mum or dad

(b) you can put your son or daughter in it

(c) you can save it to use with future children, or if you decide to sell it when you are done then

(d) you have a wider potential buyer-base.


So were there any negatives at all?  Yes.  Ring slings and hybrid fabric wraps take up much less room when not in use — you can stash them in your nappy bag. And as previously mentioned, baby-wearing is a hot business and I find structured carriers (including the Minimonkey) considerably warmer than breathable fabric or mesh wraps.  Living in a southern state this is less of an issue, but in warmer states this may impact on your comfort levels.


But overall I was seriously impressed with the Minimonkey, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to those looking to babywear with maximum comfort, maximum style and minimum complexity.


Catie Browning, Victoria

RRP $159.90



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