Fitbit – Charge


I’ve never been a fitness fanatic that’s for sure, but after 2 babies and a massive lifestyle change I decided it was time to be a little more conscious about how I’m treating my body each day. Based on what I’d heard socially about Fitbit, I went in with a fairly positive attitude from the beginning, but that has only grown since using the product.

As far as wearing the product goes, it just felt like I was wearing a watch. It’s made from a kind of elasticised rubber which didn’t irritate my skin even when I was exercising and sweating. It also didn’t get annoying on my wrist. It tracks my steps as I go about my daily business, and the corresponding distance that I’ve actually travelled. It also shows the calories I’ve burned and how many floors I’ve climbed. Apparently that’s information I wanted. It also shows me the time and date which is useful and means no need for an actual watch.

So, as far as having information at my fingertips it’s really just the basics but I enjoy knowing how far I’m walking around each day and it encourages me to walk more to hit the targets I set. Where the product gets interesting is when you log into either the website or the app and synchronise the data. There is a barrage of information available that’s turned me into a bit of an obsessive.

The one thing that excited me the most, and yes it’s a bit nerdy, is the sleep tracker in the iphone app. With a newborn baby in the house I was really curious to know just how much (or little) sleep I was actually getting and how accurate it was. Without doing any research, and it baffles me how they do it, but the accuracy was down to a few minutes of when I went to bed and when I woke each morning. The ‘awake’ times during the night were a bit off as I was up a couple of times for feeding that it didn’t seem to acknowledge, but for the most part it was bang on. And it seems I’m getting more sleep than I thought!

I’m also able to log what I eat each day in the app and can see the approximate calories I’m consuming, and I can also log my water intake. Being a ‘list’ person, this is actually a great way for me to stick to my self-imposed diet and drink the water I should be each day. Ticking things of the list – who knew this could be a great way to stick to a diet! I only wish I’d thought of it earlier!

As a product for mild enthusiasts it definitely does the job. If you’re looking for something a bit more technical for training purposes or personal training etc, you might look at the next model up. But for it’s price the Fitbit Charge is a great option for the everyday health tracker.

RRP $169.95


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