Starr Photography Sydney


I’ve had the pleasure of using Starr Photography on three occasions now – my wedding and the birth of two babies. My wedding was a two-day affair that saw 2 different photographers wrangle my family and friends for the traditional wedding photos and what turned out to be incredible candid images. Our actual ceremony day was small and simple with immediate family only so it was fairly easy for us to keep things relaxed and take their guidance on what would work. But they were also flexible when it came to ideas and images we wanted.

I’ve never been one to like having their photo taken, and it usually shows in the end result. I much prefer to take the photos myself so I know what I’m getting. Rachel and Sarah completely put me at ease though and the images just show a happy bride and groom, not an uncomfortable person in an uncomfortable dress! They had the whole family laughing and joking around and the photos are just brilliant.

Their pre-event service was also fantastic. They allow ample time for you to talk them through what your plans are and everything about the event. This means they get a clear picture and can capture the exact moments you want.

The birth of your first child is a special moment. Rachel came to my home a few days after she was born, and despite my lack of sleep and feeling pretty average myself, the photos she took are beautiful and will be treasured forever. She made it look so easy to capture the most adorable and cute little poses and our first family photos are so natural and joyous.

Then came along the second child. This time the shoot involved some extended family members (and even the dog!) so we had some traditional family photos along with the newborn photos. Again, she was efficient but creative in how she set the scenes up and it shows in the images what a great team they are.

I’d recommend them to anyone that is looking for a photographer.


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