One for All – Wireless TV Sender


I’ll be honest, when we recently purchased another tv unit for the bedroom, it probably wasn’t 100% necessary. You see our room looks directly into the lounge room where our main tv is. Having said that, only hubby can see the full screen while a wall obstructs my view.

Given that I’ve recently had a baby and was looking for comfort and entertainment while spending long hours feeding, a tv in the bedroom seemed like a logical idea. The catch for us was that we didn’t want to pay for another Foxtel connection.

As we shopped around, we were presented with the option of the wireless tv sender. Essentially it sends a carbon copy of your main tv screen to a second screen up to 100m away. You simply attach one transmitter to each tv and off you go! (Ok there was a little bit of fidgeting to figure out which leads went where, but we got there pretty quick).

The picture for the most part is crystal clear, except when my toddler flips the units around for her own enjoyment, and it means we can watch either Foxtel or the digital channels as we choose. If we had a gaming console, we’d be able to transmit that as well. There’s no hassle and for it’s price, is a great alternative.

We were also told in store that we could expect some interference from our baby monitor, but we haven’t noticed that at all as yet.

RRP $24.95


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