vtech – Little Singing Alfie

73303 Little Singing Alfie

I was given this adorable little toy as a gift for my newborn baby. Within minutes, my toddler had claimed it as her own and proceeded to give him an orientation tour of the house. The age range states 3-18 months but I think it is probably better suited to a child at least 9-12 months so they can interact with the buttons. According to the box these buttons help develop motor skills so they are big enough to start that process as they grow older.

The sounds that are heard when each button is pressed are designed to assist hearing and visual skills. There is a song and spoken voice they can listen to. What impressed me is that there was no annoyingly loud noise as you can get with some toys. It was a nice soft sound that my toddler loved listening to. She would sit on the floor and talk to him as the lights flashed away. Alfie is also half plush toy and half plastic toy, so they are developing sensory skills too. We did have an issue that the toy was dropped on our hardwood floor on the hard plastic part of it, and seems to have affected the sound. Something has obviously come loose inside and we can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. Doesn’t bother me too much as it just means it’s now even quieter!

It is powered by batteries that are included, and they are safely secured away by screws so little fingers can’t remove them.

Alfie also has a material loop on top of his head so the top can easily be fastened to a pram or jungle gym to keep them entertained. He is a perfect size and weight to be carried around easily. The hands and feet are small enough that they can be picked up by toddlers but not so much the younger infants. My newborn is weeks away from the 3 month age recommendation and she is nowhere near ready to be picking things up.


RRP $24.95


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