aden + anais – Vintage Circus swaddles


Hi, my name is Amy, and I’m a swaddle snob. Loud and proud, and not even sorry about it.

With two babies under my belt, you could say I’ve bought or been gifted a variety of different wraps to swaddle said children. Let me tell you, just because it says it’s a ‘wrap’, looks like a ‘wrap’, and promises to be a ‘wrap’, doesn’t make it a wrap! In our house, these wraps are pronounced with a ‘c’. You know the type, the ones that are scratchy after being washed or are too small to get a good swaddle on. The ones where even the calmest baby pulls a Houdini and manages to wriggle out a tiny little arm, which of course is the baby sleep equivalent to being woken by an earthquake.

Then in walks the aden + anais swaddles into my life, and I can tell you that it’s better for it. The wraps are AH-MAY-ZING and I’m in love and completely converted.

Let’s start with the size – they’re huge, and when it comes to getting varied use and longevity out of your swaddles, size does matter. You can easily swaddle the smallest or largest of babies with ease and know that they are tucked in securely (pending technique of course!). Our latest 2-week old addition doesn’t mind the ol’ “suck on the finger so I wake myself up” move until we thwarted his efforts with one of these swaddles. Ha ha, take that my precious offspring and bring on that blessed sleep!

I also love these swaddles for breastfeeding. I use them for a bit of modesty and loved them when out and about. I’m ALL about breastfeeding in public – each to their own. I’m just not that confident with having my mammaries for all and sundry to see. Therefore I loved that these swaddles provide a bit of privacy and are made from lovely breathable cotton, so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating bub while he’s on the boob.

The aden + anais swaddles also wash really well. They come out soft every time and have not shown any sign of ‘wear and tear’ yet, and they’ve been on high rotation.

I will absolutely recommend these swaddles for all mummas out there, they are my absolute favourite and I’m convinced to only invest in this quality product.

RRP $49.95