Gaia – Made for Men travel pack


It wasn’t a hard stretch to convince the husband to give the Gaia Made for Men travel pack a whirl. He’s always on the hunt for good products, and like most blokes, is looking for something that is easily accessible and good on the wallet, which considering the quality, Gaia products are. They also pride themselves on being natural and organic, which many people will find appealing when avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

The convenience of the size and packaging of these products are excellent for work trips away, and are a perfect size for carry-on luggage. It’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ with this pack which includes a face and body scrub; face and body wash; shave gel; and face crème. There’s really no need to pack anything else (except a toothbrush and change of jocks of course!).

The Face and Body Scrub smells divine. It reminds me of the luxury of a day spa and the husband noted his skin felt clean and soft after using it. It contains granules which provide a bit of extra cleansing power that a lot of blokes’ skin needs. It’s also great for ingrown hairs around the beard area and picks up black heads.

The Face and Body Wash is a nice gel, which wasn’t drying on the skin and has the same great scent as the scrub. It’s a great item for everyday use and left the skin feeling cleansed, but not that horrible squeaky-clean feeling which strips your face of moisture.

The Shave Gel is great at stopping irritation and friction when shaving and it’s quite economical, with only a small amount needed for the desired effect.

The Face Crème is a great item to finish the skincare regime with. It’s not too heavy, which is perfect for my husband’s face where heavier products make his face feel heavy and oily.

RRP $17.95