MooGoo – Cream Conditioner


I don’t usually use a conditioner. I believe as a rule it’s unnecessary and that it’s just advertising telling us we need one to encourage us to spend more. The exception is when my hair gets longer and occasionally knotty and then I do sometimes see a difference when I use one. I tried the MooGoo shampoo on its own and later with the conditioner as well and the first time with just the shampoo I did have a few knots even with my short hair which I did not get when I then next used the conditioner.

Like the shampoo the container is a bit bulky so not as easy to place on our smaller shower shelf and would be a bit cumbersome when travelling but the pump top again makes it easy to use and allows you to control how much you pump out each time which prevents excess waste. I also found that a little went a long way whereas in the past the odd time I used a conditioner I seemed to need lots and lots to get a good coverage which means it’s more economical than some other conditioners. This is important since it’s also a lot dearer than most other conditioners so you’d want it to last a long time if possible.

Like the shampoo it’s fragrance-free which might not appeal to some people but for those with allergies or skin sensitivities then this is a bonus and won’t be an issue. It felt nice on my hair and as I washed it off my hair felt silky smooth. My hair looked clean and in good condition for a long time and was not greasy unlike some conditioners that can make your hair look and feel oily, greasy or limp. The bottle claims that most conditioners use silicon but this can make the scalp itchy so this company uses Jojoba Oil that is smooth like silicon but moisturises the scalp instead of simply coating it. This is good news for people with scalp issues.

Overall I liked this product. It had a nice feel, didn’t irritate my skin or scalp and worked well with the shampoo. It definitely made combing much quicker and easier after washing my hair. However the price is very dear and the fact that I felt I needed to use it with the shampoo doubles the cost of purchasing these products. Since I don’t normally use or need a conditioner than I would not purchase this product again unless I developed scalp or skin issues that required a natural product. However if you do have these issues and are looking for a natural product free of chemicals that is also made in Australia then I can definitely recommend this product.
RRP $17.50


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