Gaia – Made For Men Conditioner


My husband doesn’t use a conditioner – both him and I believe conditioner is not really necessary unless you have long or frizzy hair and get knots so we use just a shampoo when washing our hair. Our son on the other hand does use a conditioner. He has commented before that some shampoos seem to make his hair dry and using a conditioner helps prevent this but maybe the shampoo he normally uses strips some of the oils away and it’s not because he does or does not use a conditioner.

My son wasn’t overly impressed with the shampoo that goes with this conditioner even though my husband quite liked the shampoo, and my son found a similar result using the conditioner. He said like the shampoo it felt a little greasy or oily when using it in the shower and also his hair felt a little greasy or oily afterwards even though his hair looked fine to me. He tried it for several days with the same result and response so quickly decided it wasn’t for him.

Like the shampoo he said the tube was easy to use and you could control the amount you squeezed out so there was no waste but the tube is very small. It’s the perfect size for travelling or to take to the gym but it won’t last long at home. It’s meant to be very good for people with skin affected by psoriasis or eczema so if you suffer from these skin conditions and need a more natural product then the fact that it’s a bit more expensive than other brands might not be as big an issue. If you don’t then you might simply appreciate that it contains certified organic avocado oil which is rich in vitamins A, C and E, protein and amino acids for conditioning and softening hair as well as Pro-Vitamin B-5 (or d-panthenol) to further hydrate the hair and help it appear thicker.

So although my son did not like this conditioner results will usually always vary from person to person and according to your hair type so you’ll probably need to try it for yourself to see if this conditioner works for you or not and if the claims are truly correct. On the plus side it is Australian made and owned and it’s always good to support Australian products and companies and it’s also sulphate-free and vegan friendly if these things are important to you.

RRP $11.95


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