Flower Child – Baltic Amber Necklace

amber mixture

I’ve always been a bit dubious of using amber necklaces to help with teething in children. First of all I had safety concerns and then there is the validity itself of how the amber actually works. This necklace in particular claims to be the best of the market; so having a 2 year-old toddler who is wrestling her way through a pretty painful period is a great opportunity to put this to the test.

Until recently I’ve been keeping the local pharmacy afloat with my Panadol purchases. But since she’s been wearing this necklace, I must admit that my budget is a little healthier. She isn’t spending her days with her fist in her mouth trying to feel the pain spots anymore. She doesn’t have rosy cheeks as often and seems less fussy, but I don’t really have any way of knowing whether it’s the actual beads or just an in-between period of teeth coming in. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt though, as the timing coincided well.

I decided to do some research on my old friend Google for Succinic Acid just to educate myself on the theory behind why Amber necklaces can make a difference. Long story short, it seems the main benefit is that is can reduce inflammation in the gums, which causes discomfort for infants, by boosting the natural succinic acid levels in the body. However there is no scientific evidence to support this. The necklace itself is made in Lithuania, where they are certified and is also a region known for high levels of the acid in their Amber.

The clasp is very easy to screw and unscrew, even when she’s having a ‘moment’ and trying to run away from me, I can still get it on. The beads are a lovely colour and quite smooth to the touch, so they haven’t harmed her skin in any way. They also aren’t so big that they make her uncomfortable with them on; she actually barely seems to notice them. They are also small enough that if by some chance she were to swallow one, I’m confident they wouldn’t harm her, but she is an older toddler. Infants would be a much different story. Having said that, as per the instructions I mention below, it’s a wise idea to never leave the beads on unsupervised and always check for any wear and tear that could signal faults or breakages. It’s not worth the risk to not check.

She feels like a little princess with her own jewellery. In fact if I forget to put the necklace back on, she comes to me patting her neck, reminding me that my job is overdue. There are some great instructions on the website making it clear that children shouldn’t sleep with this on their necks, rather wrap it around their ankle if it’s needed. And there are other ‘rules’ which you should be clear on to ensure your child is safe and the maximum benefit is achieved.

Flower Child actually offer a free replacement if it breaks before your baby outgrows it. That’s a pretty confident offer!


RRP $37.99


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