aden + anais – Vintage Circus swaddles


The aden + anais swaddles have been a lovely addition to the nursery of my newborn baby girl. I’ve always struggled with muslin wraps and never been able to explain why. But for some reason, these ones just work.

I think the actual size of the wrap (1.2m square) is what makes it easier to deal with. Following the instructions on the box so that I used it as it was designed, the wrap perfectly folded around my baby to secure and soothe her. She only wriggled free if I happened to do it a bit looser where required which wasn’t often as it really breathes well.

The material is beautiful and soft and made of 100% cotton. My children can be prone to skin sensitivities so I’m always conscious of what I wrap them in so as to avoid any nasty reactions. The fact that they are cotton means they easily go through the wash (and dryer!) as well, which is good news considering the number of uses they have.

Besides wrapping, they come in handy as pram covers to keep the elements off my baby. There is nothing worse than seeing your baby struggling to see when they are blinded by sunlight so having this as a handy sunshade, gently filtering the light has been a blessing. They also double up as emergency spit up supplies, keeping mum or dad safe from smelling nasty for the rest of the day. And then they also work well as a feeding cover. Not only to maintain my modesty (I’m not so keen on having people ogle me as I feed her) but also to keep the sun out of her eyes and also keep her focused on the job, distraction free.

The designs I received were very cute and with a splash of colour which I like. They were named Vintage Circus so had a selection of circus animals, stars and animal stripes which I thought were pretty cool and different to the traditional ‘baby’ themed wraps out in the market.

If you’re looking for swaddles either for yourself or as a gift, this 4-pack is a great selection. Plus the packaging is recyclable which gets an extra tick from me!

RRP $49.95


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