MooGoo Milk Shampoo


The bottle is a little bulkier than most other shampoos so not as ideal for shower shelves or for travelling but the pump-style top is a plus. It allows you to control the amount of shampoo you need or require and prevents waste. The first time I used this shampoo it did not seem to lather very much and hubby also commented on this point but I usually wash my hair twice and the second time  and subsequent times since there has been a lot more lather. I think we have been conditioned into thinking more lather means a better clean when that’s not necessarily the case.

If you like a shampoo with a strong fragrance then you’ll probably be a little disappointed because you’re not going to have those nice smelling locks of hair like in the ads with this product. However if you have sensitive skin or want a product that is free of chemicals and harmful additives then this won’t be an issue. While I do have dry, sensitive skin and various allergies I generally don’t have issues with shampoos and generally look for the cheapest one that does the job. I believe most do a very similar job. Having said that I still want one that performs well and leaves my hair clean and shiny. I’ve tried various brands over the years and some have left my hair looking greasy or lanky either straight away or much earlier in the day than I’d like so quickly gave those brands a wide berth. If price wasn’t an issue I’d much prefer one with natural ingredients and free of unnecessary chemicals and other additives so I was more than happy to try this product.

This shampoo is very gentle on your scalp using an environmentally friendly ingredient made from sugar. I found it easy and pleasant to use with no irritation or any other problems. It cleaned my hair well and my hair looked clean for the whole day. I also noticed an added  bonus with regards something I was not even previously aware of. I compared this product to my usual brand over the week alternating twice to see how they compared and while not a huge issue I did notice a slightly itchy scalp when I used my normal shampoo and no itchy scalp with this product.  So if you have a sensitive or easily irritated scalp then this might be a huge help to alleviate these problems.

This product cleans your hair well and has no adverse side effects. Only long-term use would determine if over time it is actually better for your scalp and skin compared with other shampoos but for my first time using it I was more than happy. My husband wasn’t quite so impressed with it so it will depend on each individual’s needs and requirements as to whether you’ll like it or not. The main negative for me personally is the price. It is very expensive. However if you have a problem scalp and find it works then the price is probably a minor issue for a natural product that not only cleans your hair well but addresses those issues too.

RRP $17.50


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