Jamberry – Nail Wraps


I recently had the opportunity to try some sample designs of the Jamberry Nail Wraps that have just launched in Australia. For most of my life I’ve had fingernails that peel or tear constantly, so they’ve never been nice to look at. I also sported acrylic nails for a few years but then stopped getting them done when I was pregnant. It took months for my nails to recover from the damage they had done, and I wasn’t game enough to start doing it again.

Jamberry Nail Wraps are a pleasant, affordable and easy to use product that not only make your nails look good, but also help keep them in good condition. I haven’t purchase a full set of wraps yet, so for the moment I’ve had different designs and colours on each finger. Upon looking at the catalogue I was surprised at just how many different designs there are to choose from, there is literally something for every occasion.

There is a mini heater that you can purchase to apply them, but I simply used my hairdryer! Although I think if you were going to be a loyal and regular user the heater would be a good investment. After taking the wrap off the plastic backing, I simply held it in front of the hot air for about 4 seconds and then was able to apply to my finger and file/buff as required. They are so easy to apply I was able to do it while supervising my toddlers bath!

Since I’ve had them on, I’ve really been giving them a run for all their worth. First of all, they’ve had to survive two baths and 1 shower per day (inclusive of hair washes) as I project manage my family. Then there are all the nappy changes and rash creams plus my own skincare routine of washing and moisturising morning and night. Not to mention daily sun cream applications. There have also been milk bottle preparations, meal preparations, garden maintenance, pet maintenance and all the housework that goes with running the family home. If I’d just had a normal manicure and polish applied, it would barely have lasted through bath time.

So far, the wraps have remained in tact and I’ve had them on for almost 2 weeks now. Only one has lifted (because I rushed it during aforementioned bath supervision) and even then it’s only a tiny corner of my nail so I barely notice it. But that was my own fault. You should take the time they require though and they’ll look fabulous and unchipped for weeks. The price seemed a bit much at first until I realised that for each wrap set you get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures. But you could be savvy and resize the toenail wraps to use them for fingernails, then you’re really getting value for money.

RRP $22 per wrap set


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