Gaia – Made for Men Shampoo


Both men in my life tested this product – my husband who has no preference for brand and is just happy with whatever cleans his hair and my adult son who is a lot more particular about what he uses.

The container is nice and durable and easy to use. However it is not very big and is more expensive than most other normal shampoos. If you have sensitive skin or simply want a product that’s free of soap, sulphates, propylene glycol and paraben preservatives then I guess you might be happy to pay more for a natural, organic product but for our family it’s a lot more than we want to pay taking in to account most shampoos we purchase are double or even three times this size and less than half the price. On the plus side you don’t need much so it is economical and you can control how much you squeeze out to save waste. A bonus re the size is that it’s perfect for travelling; large enough to give you plenty to use on a longer trip but not too large that it takes up excess room in your bags.

My husband prefers a good lather and he found there was enough for his needs. However my son said it didn’t appear to lather up as much as others but he didn’t mind that and was quite happy it didn’t. We discovered that my husband had followed the instructions on the back of the tube whereas my son applied it directly to his hair so that may have been the reason for the difference. It says to squeeze out an amount onto your hand and then add water to lather it up before applying on to your hair so if you feel you need a good lather it would pay to read the pack before use even if in reality lather isn’t necessarily required to provide a good clean – it’s just something we’ve come to expect and think equates with a thorough clean.

The shampoo has a distinct minty smell more reminiscent of toothpaste or an after dinner mint than a shampoo but they both found it to be very pleasant. My husband said this shampoo felt good on his hair and he liked both the product while using it and the final result whereas my son felt it was a bit oily or greasy during use and a little bit oily afterwards. His hair looked Ok but he wasn’t completely happy with the oily feel. In the respects of cleaning they both agreed it did the job just like any other shampoo. The claim that it’s good for the scalp and dandruff was important for my husband who has issues with this and in the past has found shampoos that should fix this problem burned his scalp. This shampoo did not burn or have any other adverse reactions and the aloe vera used to help soothe the scalp is probably the reason for this. Initial checks of his hair after only one use found no signs of flaking and only a small amount later in the day. Subsequent uses also showed good results with clearing away the dandruff or flakes.

So there were mixed results for this product. Hubby liked it and would use it again but my son wasn’t quite so happy with it and would not purchase it again. It is Australian made and owned which is a huge plus when we are being encouraged to support Australian products, it smells good, is easy to use and is gentle on the hair and scalp but it is a lot dearer and for this family it’s a lot more than we are prepared to pay. If you are a man with major skin or scalp problems and are looking for a more natural product then I’d recommend it but with the jury still out it appears you need to test it for yourself to truly gauge whether it’s the best shampoo for your hair.

RRP $11.95


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