Kosmea – Hydrating Rosewater Mist


This arrived at the perfect time to test. We are currently having a mini heat wave and the first really hot weather for Spring and Summer. Since I have very dry skin anything that adds extra moisture is a godsend especially when the weather is more drying than normal. I can see it could also be of assistance if you work in an air-conditioned or heated office/premises that dries out your skin or after a long plane flight or trip when you need a quick fix until you have more time to freshen up later. A quick spritz to keep you both refreshed and hydrated and you are ready to go. Perfect if you are time-poor or in a rush or simply don’t have the facilities to do a more thorough job.

I don’t really have a skin care routine apart from cleaning in the shower and then moisturising afterwards. So I never really use a toner and am unlikely to start. However I liked the idea of something that not only keeps me cool on hot days but also has the added skin benefits of hydrating and toning if ever needed. It was indeed refreshing and I not only liked the coolness but the feel of it on my skin.

As I also have sensitive skin I was concerned about any possible reactions and a little hesitant to use it in case it adversely affected my face. My face is the one area where any sensitivities show up very quickly and there’s nowhere to hide the ensuing reaction. But luckily there was no obvious reaction; no red patches, burning or irritated skin. It was immediately cool on the skin as I sprayed it on and not only was it refreshing on a hot day but I could also see how it would be a real bonus if you needed relief from sunburn or your skin needed soothing from any other adverse reaction like itchy bites or hives.

Since I tend to shy away from fragrances in case they also react on my skin the use of pure rose flower water allows a natural fragrance that again caused no issues for my skin and I really liked the subtle floral scent.

This product is not cheap but it’s not overly expensive either and several places had it listed for under the listed RRP. The plus is that it is very economical – a little goes a long way so it should last a while and even longer if you’re not using it every day. When you also take in to account that there are no petrochemicals, no sodium lauryl sulphate, no mineral oils and no artificial colours then the extra cost is probably more than worth it. It’s often hard to read and understand what all the ingredients in a product are because of their complex names but a short list for this product is very encouraging that the ‘natural’ claims are correct.

While you should hydrate your body from the inside, if you can’t or you need added help in this area then this would certainly provide some extra moisture as well as keeping you cool. If you do use a toner then you have a product that has multiple uses because it is reported to set your make-up as well as tone and hydrate. It is for all skin types but those with dry and sensitive skin will find the added hydration benefits and natural products are a real bonus.


RRP $19.95


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