MooGoo – Skin Milk Udder Cream


I initially thought this product was for new or expectant mums. I assumed ‘Udder Cream’ meant it was for breasts and/or nipples and was surprised to find that wasn’t necessarily the case. The name comes from the fact that it was first used on cows to keep their udders in good condition for milking but because it was so greasy the recipe was adapted for use on humans.

As I have very dry and sensitive skin I need a really good moisturiser and one that doesn’t have chemicals or ingredients that my skin will react to. I tend to use plain old Sorbolene and am happy with that, but was more than happy to try this cream especially when someone mentioned it was good for eczema too.

It has a lovely subtle milky fragrance that makes me think of ice cream or milkshakes. The milk protein ingredient that is good for skin elasticity is probably what gives it this delicious milky scent. It has a lovely smooth, creamy skin-feel and rubs in very easily and well. It is non-greasy and kept my skin soft for a long time which is a feat in itself because more often than not I need to reapply moisturisers several times a day. And if I don’t I quickly notice several dry flaky areas. The bonus of skin repair and skin elasticity ingredients means that over time I might see a difference in the appearance of my skin but for the short time I have used it it still appears to be doing my skin good. It feels and looks great and my skin is smooth to the touch.

It is a small tube in comparison to the large tubs and bottles I tend to buy and a lot more expensive than a cheap Sorbolene cream but compared to other brand name moisturising creams on the market it is probably about the same price or only a little dearer. The big advantage is that it is good for all ages – babies as well as adults – so no need to worry about having lots of different products for different members of the family. Knowing it’s for babies too gives you the confidence there’s unlikely to be any nasty chemicals or ingredients that might harm your skin. Plus a little appears to go a long way so with a single user it should last a reasonable time but across a number of users it probably won’t. Offering the option of a large tub might be a good idea for this company to make it more economical and save needing to buy several tubes to last the distance. On a positive note it’s a good size for traveling or on the move so you can easily pop it in a bag to have it handy whenever you need it.

Overall I loved everything about this product – the smell, the feel and definitely the result. My skin feels softer and the areas with eczema do seem to show some improvement while also having no adverse reactions. While I might not completely change from Sorbolene to this product due to the higher price tag I would be sorely tempted to have it as a companion product and if over a longer period of time my skin shows a huge improvement in its appearance then I might indeed make it a permanent product in my daily skin regime. I can highly recommend it especially if you have dry, sensitive skin like mine; and even if you haven’t then you’re still bound to love this product and enjoy the added benefits of helping improve skin elasticity to slow down the aging process.

RRP $11.90


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