Love to Dream – Swaddle Up 50/50 Stage 2


I’ll admit, I’ve become a little obsessive about the Love to Dream swaddles. I had my first baby in them from the moment we got home from hospital, and my newest daughter the same. I even took them to hospital with me this time!


The bonus of Love to Dream is that they cater for the different stages of growth your baby goes through. The 50/50 stage 2 swaddle is genius when it comes time for them learning to roll. When they do start rolling over you want their arms free so they can support themselves. But at the same time I need my baby to be just as cosy and comfortable as ever so that they get their much-needed sleep – and so do I! How do they achieve this? The little wings have zips on them so you can totally remove them when the right time comes.


I did have to get into the habit of keeping the little wings in the one spot when removed; otherwise my baby brain forgets where they are!


The design is the same as stage 1 which means there is nothing new for baby to get used to as they grow, and the colours are fresh and funky. They are money well spent for their settling powers, however if you’re realistic about babies and how much they share their bodily fluids, it could get pricey if you want spares on hand like I do.


In terms of snugness, I love that the zip can be done up and undone from either the top or the bottom, all the meanwhile keeping them contained and out of draughts. It makes for easy nappy changes and means you don’t have escapee arms flying about, or evil press-studs waiting for you in the middle of the night.


As I said, I’m obsessed, but for good reason. You really can’t go wrong.

RRP $49.95


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