Kosmea Australia – Rose Body Lotion


Body Lotion…..Let’s face it; there are thousands of them out there.  How many times have you bought a new lotion only to find out you don’t like it? Whether it’s the smell, the amount you use, how oily it is & how long it lasts – they are all factors we consider.

Personally, I have sensitive skin so I usually tend to stick to what I am familiar with for fear of coming out in a rash all over that can last for days.  I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t look very professional sitting at work scratching your boobs all day!!!

I recently tried the Kosmea Rose Body Lotion and I must say it has ticked all the boxes for me. The beautiful rose scent is just subtle enough and not over powering.  My comments upon the initial squeeze were “Wow, that came out quickly” which were promptly followed by “I certainly didn’t need that much”, so the coverage you get from this product is very generous.

I now sit the tube of Kosmea Rose Body Lotion on my desk at work and when I use it, it doesn’t leave my hands feeling oily so I can continue to type without feeling like I’m leaving smudges across my desk and keyboard. My work colleagues have also tried it and thought it smelled nice and felt great too.  I love the fact you don’t need to apply very much and it goes a long way.  Although it is a body lotion, I have used it on my face at times given it feels so light and I can happily confirm there were no reactions from my skin and no embarrassing or awkward scratching. This is a lovely product.

Reviewed by Maree, NSW


RRP $29.95


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